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Immigration In and Out of the Classroom

Read our blog on how to teach immigration and engage students on timely immigration issues.

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Calling All 5th Graders

Join the National Creative Writing Contest to explore America as a nation of immigrants and win prizes!

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Our Mission

The Community Education Center strives to promote a better understanding of immigrants and immigration by providing educational resources

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Engage Your Community

Work with local organizations committed to immigrant rights, integration and social justice in your community

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New Book Reviews

Check out new book reviews on immigrant stories from the Community Education Resource Center.

We welcome book reviews from students! Email for more information.

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Community Connections

Learn and discuss the myths and facts surrounding the first Thanksgiving and the first immigrants by engaging students in a thought-provoking and humorous read-aloud that challenges them to identify dominant and resistant readings of this national holiday.

For lesson procedures, Common Core standards alignment, please click here.

This book review written by Patrick Young originally appeared on Long Island Wins.  Read the original review and “The Immigrants’ Civil War,” an educational blog series by Young that examines the role of immigrant in our nation’s bloodiest war.”

There are more biographies of Lincoln than of any other American. Twice as many books have been published about Lincoln as about George Washington. Of the six thousand Lincoln biographies, not one is devoted to his relationship with immigrants, until now.

In The News

“The United States of America is, and always has been, a nation of immigrants.” This is the first line of the “American by Belief” exhibit which opened to the public last week at President Lincoln’s Cottage in Washington, D.C. and will remain open for two years. Through a...
Washington D.C. - The American Immigration Council is pleased to announce that the first place winner of the American Immigration Council’s 18th Annual 'Celebrate America' Fifth Grade Creative Writing Contest is Anya Frazer from the Fred A. Olds Elementary School in...
In this tweet chat, English teachers discussed the benefits of telling digital stories on immigration to build community and empathy inside and outside of the classroom while being culturally sensitive to student backgrounds and needs.  Our Crossing Borders with...

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