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Coming to America: A Muslim Family's Story

Author: Bernard Wolf

The photo-essay Coming to America: A Muslim Family's Story is a brightly-photographed, realistic portrayal of a family's arrival in the United States from Egypt. The father arrives first, after winning a, "Green card lottery" offered to Egyptians who want to work in America. He works long hours as a grocer in Queens, N.Y. until he's able to bring his family. Text and beautiful, bright color photographs let the reader share the experiences of eight-year-old Rowan Mahmoud and her family once they all arrive. The photos capture the family at home, in school, and at the mosque. Their religion is an integral part of their life, but school, television, and playing with friends take up most of their time. We see the children in American schools with American teachers and schoolwork, but then return home to their Muslim and Egyptian traditions. Particularly useful in the classroom is the way Wolf tackles immigration issues for both adults and children: the hardships of learning a new language, the economic problems of finding an appropriate job, and homesickness. At a time when many Muslim and Arab families in the U.S. feel subject to discriminatory governmental regulations and public attitudes, this book is especially germane.

Coming to America: A Muslim Family's Story

Year Released: 2003

Grades 2-5