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Creative Writing Contest Winners & Coordinators by Chapter

The 5th Grade Creative Writing Contest provides youth with an opportunity to learn more about immigration to the U.S. and to explain, in their own words, why they are proud America is a nation of immigrants. Twenty-one AILA Chapters participated in this year’s (2012) contest. The top entry from each participating AILA Chapter was judged by a panel immigration experts who chose the top five (shown in bold).

  Chapter Winner Coordinator
  Alabama/Georgia Ben Thompson Bob Beer
  California (Southern) Richard Medina Maggie Castillo & Silvia Martinez
California (Northern) Aedra Li Brenda Boudreaux
  Carolinas Adrian Sandoval Jeremy McKinney
  Chicago Alexander Tymouch Tzu-Kai Lo
  DC Irina Elizabeth Fuss Jinhee Wilde
  Florida (Central) Brooke Turpin Alison Foley
  Florida (Southern) n/a Julie Ferguson
  Hawaii Emily Montes Maile Hirota
  Indiana Olivia Clare Schroder Lalita Haran
  Michigan Sabrina Itawi Joel Wisniewski
  Minnesota/Dakotas Diego Piccaso Gonzalez Sarah Brenes
  Missouri/Kansas Samantha Nelson Monica Smith
  New England Jane Stilwell Larissa Drayer
  Nevada Malini Narula Margo Chernysheva
  New Jersey Jacob Salerno Ada Lil Torres
  New York Kalissa Persaud Aygal Charles
  Oregon Harry Popovich James Lane
  Philadelphia Megan Miller Audrey Allen & Greg Eck
  San Diego Rachel Banister Linda Schweitzer
  Texas Nikita Ranjit Nair Megan Long
  Washington Emma Snavely Kelsey O'Keefe
  Wisconsin Alfonso Baker Geoff Lacy